Osmosis : what is this new French series of anticipation on Netflix ?

New French series signed Netflix, Osmosis takes place in a futuristic world wonder where it is possible to find love through science. Here’s everything you need to know about this show already available on the platform. What is it about ? Paul and Esther, brother and sister, are at the head of a company that promises to find a soul mate with the help of a technology called Osmosis. The concept : patients swallow a micro-robot that is implanted in their brain to analyze them to find the person that matches their personality and their expectations from a database gigantic. This process succulent requires that participants agree to give access to their mind and their thoughts of the personal. This amazing concept does not take long to incur the wrath of opponents ready to do anything to put an end to the experience… A large-scale project the project is an adaptation of the webseries of the same name created in 2015 by Louis, William and Gabriel Chiche and broadcast on Arte Creative. Started by Audrey Fouché (The Ghosts), it was written by a dozen authors and co-directed by Julius Berg, Mona Achache and Pierre Aknine, this new show is based on a collaborative work. Throughout its 8 episodes of 45 minutes, Osmosis creates a real universe that comes to life in a Paris slightly futuristic. Side casting, Agathe Bonitzer and Hugo Becker are the two headliners and embody Paul and Esther. The series also highlights many of the French players at the beginning of the career as a comedian Yuming Hey that portrays an employee of the company responsible for conducting the first tests. Osmosis follows many of the guinea pigs with personalities radically different that test this revolutionary technology. Some couples are heartbreaking alchemy and other seem to be less well suited. Oscillating between science-fiction and romance, this new French premiere of Netflix is completely different from the political series Marseille, to the mixed reception, and the rom-com Plan Heart.

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SWAT on TF1 : what you can expect in season 2

No respite for the agents of the elites of swat who are in uniform as early as Tuesday evening on TF1. The program, romance, suspense, a hint of spectacular and the topics more serious. ScreenGrab/CBS What is the future for Jim Street ? The last episode of the previous season saw Hondo (Shemar Moore) refer Street (Alex Russel) S. W. A. T. You do not mess with the honesty in the function of the elite and the lies of the young rookie about his mother, have inevitably left traces. Sanction without appeal, which makes tumble Street on the scale of social made in LAPD and thus brought back, in uniform, in the street. For the young man begins a long path to redemption and why not, a return in the unit ?

A way for the writers to correct the firing of a character by the time stereotypical, actions are often predictable and a little warmed up (the young rebellious, non-conformist). Especially in a world that we imagine to be governed by rules of strict (quasi-military). See his stubbornness to improve, makes the character more human and his general attitude less crispante. Sonja Flemming/CBS

A season focused more on Dean If the season is looking to develop a few characters, through story arcs more or less pronounced (and is generally concentrated on the evocation of a romance), the authors show themselves to be particularly generous with Dean (Jay Harrington), the second band at Hondo. Evolution and upheaval of her family situation, money problem, health, the load can seem a bit heavy for a single man. All the more so when S. W. A. T. has not the reputation of being a serial range on its characters. If it draws a willingness to anchor the fiction in a more social. It will also be the question, during the season of budget cuts, the aging of the body, of the inheritance of units of elites. Of course, the series prefer the most often bend to the muscles and offer real action sequences such as pieces of bravery, but these small intentions leave the show, its format is very rigid.

The romance in the air ? Behind the uniform, bulletproof vests, weapons, there’s a little heart that beats. It is this that seems to want to explore the authors. Humanize the characters. Perhaps what was lacking to a very first season focused on the action (except for Hondo and his profile to the Horatio Caine of the Experts Miami). Chris (Lina Esco) will therefore have the right to a development sentimental. The opportunity to address the bisexuality of the character, something rare on the networks. Despite good intentions, the treatment would have, however, deserved a more subtle approach. There also will be movement on the side of the Hondo. Not sure whether the character had needs, all the more so when this extract is very often the rest of the group (to believe that the actor was angry with his playmates). Bill Inoshita/CBS.

An episode about the killings of mass in schools episode 11, entitled School, operates the painful theme of the killing of mass in schools. 2018 was particularly deadly and has reached a grim record : 113 people have been killed or injured in a school and there were 23 incidents during the year. Has a result of 180 days of school per year, this represents a killing spree every 8 days. 2019 does not start better, since 5 incidents have already taken place and 6 people were injured or killed.

The episode addresses the subject by combining the dramatic to the factual. A side series is going to play on the suspense of the threat ; on the other, it is careful not to be too explicit and violent and will focus its interest on the reaction of the students, safety instructions, using the mounting alternated to create tension and distance. During his broadcast american, the episode is accompanied by a message of awareness and shows its willingness to address subjects more serious (another episode is devoted to homophobia and incitement to hatred ; another on racism). A new threat, The series is not really for the complexity of his plots. She prefers the intensity the time of an episode that the construction of the long course. This season seems to want to put in place a recurrent threat. A little shy during the first half of the season (two episodes, 2×07 : Inheritance and 2×13 : Yet), there is no doubt that the end will be a boost. We will say no more. S. W. A. T. 2 trailer VO

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Thomas Gijol, aka Black Snake, invests the FanZone ! In the program : answers to your questions, a return on two key moments of his career and a quiz. And a lot of good mood. Carrying, dressing and assembly : Ando Raminoson – Thanks to UGC and Thomas Gijol ! “Black Snake”, to see in cinemas since February 20 : Black Snake, the legend of the black snake trailer VF